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31st Mar 2016

This School Invented A Genius Way To Help Lonely Kids

Katie Mythen-Lynch

The idea of a child wandering the school playground at break time with nobody to play with is every parent’s worst nightmare. 

Unfortunately it can be tricky to force kids to always include everyone in a game or group, but one Canadian school may have found the answer.

Willgrove School in Saskatoon installed a green ‘Buddy Bench’ in the school yard. When students see somebody sitting on the Buddy Bench, they are encouraged to go and sit with them or invite them to join their game.


Since it was installed, the kids have taken matters into their own hands, monitoring the bench during break times and making sure everybody gets asked to play.

Student Matthew Henkelman (7) told CBC News that the idea had already helped him, describing the bench as somewhere that, “if you can’t find your best friends and you don’t know where to go to play, you sit on the buddy bench and someone will come find you and they’ll include you in their game.”

Buddy bench a big hit at Willowgrove SchoolSometimes, it’s good to have a buddy.Full story: Leisha Grebinski & #SaskatoonMorning

Posted by CBC Saskatoon on Thursday, March 24, 2016

We think these should be added to every school yard… who couldn’t do with a buddy every now and then?

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