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Big Kids

05th Dec 2018

This Irish children’s book teaches kids about courage and mental wellness

Jade Hayden

An Irish children’s book that teaches kids about courage, resilience, and mental wellness is now available as part of a lovely gift box for Christmas.

Sam Build’s A Nest is a beautifully illustrated book that helps children face their fears about the world head on and recognise that being scared actually means that you’re growing.

It also features the character Red The Robin, who children might recognise from the Buddy Bench team, if they have brought their emotional well being programme to their school.

The gift box includes the book, a soft toy, and interactive activities for both children and parents.

Sam Synnott, Buddy Bench co-founder, says that children are often overwhelmed by big changes in their lives.

He says:

“Moving to big school, moving house, a change in family make up or a bereavement, even just strong emotional feelings can make us feel as if we are outside our comfort zone.

“Seeing my daughter go through that is what inspired me to start Buddy Bench, and bring this kind of wisdom and support to all children.”

Jeffrey Gormly, creative director at Buddy Bench, also says that parents may experience some of these feelings as their child is going through them.

He says:

“We recognised that parents often feel great distress and helplessness when they fear their child might be struggling in school.”

“When Maynooth University evaluated our programs recently, we discovered that often the Buddy Bench message and resources don’t reach parents from the school. We realised we would have to reach out to parents directly.”

The Sam Builds A Nest care box retails at €24.95 online. 

So, Christmas gift anyone?