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14th Feb 2024

Mums are raving about this viral TikTok coat hack

Kat O'Connor

Tired of your child refusing to put their coat on despite the chilly weather?

If, like us, you’re tired of your child having a mini-meltdown whenever you try to put their coat on then we’ve got some good news for you.

Parents have discovered a genius hack that is bound to make your life easier.

Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson shared the hack on her TikTok after her son’s nursery shared it with her.

She wrote: “Does anyone else struggle to get their toddler in a coat? Well, look no further. Thank me later.”

All you need to do is place your child’s coat on the floor and get your child to place their arms in the sleeves.

You then flip the coat up and you’re good to go.

@louiseptsd Does anyone else struggle to get their toddler in a coat? Well look no further. Thank me later 👋🏼 #parentsoftiktok #mumsoftiktok #mumlife #parentinghacks #parentingwins #parentingtips #terribletwos #toddlertantrums #nurserytips #teacherhacks #toddlertiktok #toddlertips #leolibbey #louiseisgettingbetter ♬ original sound – Louise is getting better

Many parents were raving about the trend, with others revealing their children’s nurseries encourage the kids to do this too.

“I’m a preschool teacher and this is how we teach our children to put their own coats on. Wins every time!” one wrote.

“Ours told us to put the hood on your head and put your arms in after. fancy doing that on a wet floor on a rainy day. try the hood trick, it works,” another suggested.

“A toddler next to me in a restaurant did this when their fam got up to leave! Middle of the restaurant floor – it was so cute,” another shared.

The clever hack is bound to make your life that little bit better when you’re trying to leave the house with your toddler. The days of them screaming down the house over their winter coat will be gone before you know it.