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20th Dec 2016

Some Of Our Best Stories From 2016 That Will Make You LOL

Amanda Cassidy

What a year!

I can’t remember a more turbulent year. We got Trumped, Cheryl’s belly was scrutinised by the world, Brexit happened, Bob Dylan won the Nobel prize and Pokemon Go took over.

We had great fun putting together the best of our articles this year that will make you laugh out loud. Lord knows we need it this year more than ever!

Here is our collection of HerFamily Best of humour for 2016:

1. Parenting advice that SUCKED!

Random strangers on the street tell you that you’ve bought the wrong buggy, have your child wearing the wrong thing, they look over-fed, undernourished, happy/sad, up/down and whatever the weather it’s probably your fault because.. well, because you’re the grown up now.

Oh yes, welcome to Parenthood.

Here is the Most Stupid Parenting Advice We Ever Got


2. Dad’s on Parenthood

Daddy holding his small daughter

Men finding out what it is really like to parent is just simply funny.

“I’ve always thought of myself as pretty cool under pressure. But the first time I got that call that my wife’s waters had broken, something changed. The excitement of almost being a dad went straight out the window because holy fuck, a tiny human was about to come out of my wife.” 

Check out the rest of this Dad’s Hilarious Take On Childbirth.

3. The real photos of parenthood:


If you are on the brink of parenthood, take a look at what your future might look like. And if you are in the trenches yourself, mamas, simply revel in the fact that we are not alone in the craziness.

Check out These Laugh Out Loud Pictures of Real Parenting

4. Your Pictures

New Mums

Our lovely readers decided to share their funniest parenting pictures with us and the results gave us all such a laugh. We especially like the baby with the questionable hand gesture!  Hint: They don’t look like the above picture!

Check out Our Readers Share Their Funniest Parenting Moments

5.  Creepy kids

We were crying laughing reading this list of weird things children say. The cats one though!

Scary, Creepy Antique Dolls

Read: The Creepiest Things Your Child Ever Said 

6. Sleep Lark

Kids, they NEVER sleep when you want them to. And when they eventually head off to the lovely land of nod, they end up in the most hilarious contortions. One minute they’re wired to the max, legging it around the place like little wildlings, using their vocal chords in the only way they know how – loudly – the next, they’re like narcoleptics, collapsing in a state of exhaustion whenever and wherever they damn well please.


We asked you to send pics of your little munchkins dozing in the most precarious places, THIS is what they got up to:

7. Bloggers we love

One of the most relatable mummy bloggers is Hurrah For Gin writer Katie Kirby who had us all in stitches her stick figure cartoons that totally NAIL real parenting.

We particularly love her Advent Uncut series which we wrote about earlier this year. Check out The Ugly Truth Of Christmas Parenting

8. Mother-in-law’s advice

Young girl with hat. Hides her face.Depression.

Oh we all do have ’em. And boy do they know how to push our buttons. We gathered the best things mother-in-law’s have ever said and you won’t be disappointed. Check out our: She Said What?

9. Too Pregnant

Our Sophie has done a stellar job of documenting her own 9 month journey through her hilarious articles about pregnancy.


There are so many to include but check out her version of 10 Things That Are Legit Impossible When You Are 9 Months Pregnant

10. Oh No You Didn’t!

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 11.55.47

Say it with words, they said. Perhaps not when you see our version of the Funniest Cards You Can Send. You will not be disappointed with the funniest compilations we have uncovered. Happy reading.

We hope you enjoyed our round up! We would love you to send us your funniest parenting moments!