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07th Jul 2017

There’s a Ryan Gosling doppelgänger and we’re not quite able for it

There is a God.

Anna O'Rourke


You fell in love with him in The Notebook, and again in Crazy Stupid Love, and again when he gave a cute speech about his wife Eva Mendes and just any time he appeared in public ever.

In this divided world of ours, Ryan Gosling is a universally-fancied guy and it’s not too hard to see why.

Now, it seems, the Lord has smiled down upon us and blessed us with another Gos.

That’s right – Ryan has a doppelgänger and he’s just like the real thing.

Meet Johannes Laschet.

A post shared by Johannes Laschet (@joe_laschet) on

A post shared by Johannes Laschet (@joe_laschet) on

He’s a blogger from Germany and appears to have all the style and swagger of the man himself.

A post shared by Johannes Laschet (@joe_laschet) on

According to Cosmopolitan, Johannes is in fact the son of German politician Armin Laschet, the minister president of North Rhine-Westphalia.

He also wears the hell out of a pair of sunglasses, just FYI.

A post shared by Johannes Laschet (@joe_laschet) on

And looks positively dapper in a nice coat.

A post shared by Johannes Laschet (@joe_laschet) on

He told GQ that the comparisons between himself and the Gos can be “exhausting.”

“It often occurs and sometimes is exhausting… There are worse things and you should not complain about it now. It’s better than when people say, ‘He looks like Danny DeVito.’”

Thank God for a world with two Goslings.