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15th Jun 2023

Experts issues warning to parents over buying second-hand car seats

An expert has warned parents about buying second-hand car seats on websites like Vinted or eBay.

While second-hand shopping is a great option to save some money while also doing our part for the environment, experts have urged parents to be careful when it comes to children’s car seats.

Personal injury experts at Fletchers Group revealed to The Sun that there may be risks associated with buying a pre-owned car seat.

Natalie Hitchins, Which? home products and services editor, said: “It is tempting to opt for second hand when planning for a new baby, and while this is a great idea when it comes to toys and clothes, buying a pre-owned car seat is generally not recommended because even if it looks completely fine, hairline cracks or fractures could mean it won’t protect your child in a crash.

“If you’re borrowing or buying a car seat from someone you know and trust, you’ll still need to be sure of the history of the seat to make sure it’s safe – older seats may not comply with the latest safety regulations and might be missing the instruction booklet that tells you how to install and adjust the seat safely.”

A spokesperson for eBay told also The Sun that it has “no tolerance for unsafe, banned or recalled items to be listed”.

When it comes to car seats, it may shock parents to know that they can expire. They typically have a lifespan of six years, and can be unsafe to use beyond this.

Ensure you always check when the seat was manufactured or get proof of purchase from the seller as over time car seats become weakened.

Also ensure the car seat you buy fits your car, otherwise it may put your child at risk of injury. While most are made to fit all cars, second hand or older car seats might be made for older restrictions.


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