5 amazing Irish baby clothing brands that you probably haven't heard of yet 1 year ago

5 amazing Irish baby clothing brands that you probably haven't heard of yet

When you're a parent there are so many products out there that it can be hard to filter out the must-haves ones from the 'I'd be grand without it' ones.

One big consideration is baby clothing and what pieces will not only go the distance but will also make your life a little easier. That's why we've put together this list of five fantastic online stores to take the stress out of choosing.

These are the same brands I discovered during pregnancy and my babies' first years (I have a six-year-old and a seven-month-old!) and it would be selfish to keep them all to myself.

Added bonus: these brands are unique, nifty, and all are based right here in Ireland...

1) Me Mamma B

Me Mamma B is a fantastic little shop, especially for mums-to-be. It has a great selection of products that any soon to be mum could need for her labour bag including super-soft labour socks complete with cute quotes and matching mum and baby attire for baby’s first photo, they even have matching pillowcases. With every product available in a wide variety of designs there's something to suit every mum's style. Prices start from €14.99

2) Zippy Kidz


How many times have you been trying to your child into a babygrow and had every button you close pop back open the second you get any of the others fastened? The struggle is real. Zippy Kidz grows are not only adorable they are also a lifesaver. Each babygrow zips up at the front with ease meaning no more wrestling with snaps or buttons. The fabrics are also super soft and breathable and to be honest I really wish they made an adult version that I could fit into. Come on how cute would I look in those strawberries? Babygrows are priced at €22.95.

3) Attipas

Attipas are the perfect first shoes for little feet. My little one adores her Attipas and every time she wears them I get asked where I got them. Lightweight and stylish these shoes slip on like socks making them are a dream when you’re trying to slip them on wriggly little feet. In a huge selection of colours and styles for both boys and girls, you're sure to find something to fit your kid's wardrobe and feet. Prices start at €22.50.

4) Babygrow.ie

Swedish clothing brands are huge in Ireland, just about every parenting group I'm in are constantly talking about them and it's easy to see why. Their quirky styles and bold colours are such a breath of fresh air in a haze of pastels. Irish online store Babygrow.ie has made a wide variety of them easily available to Irish customers taking the hassle out of shipping from abroad and making it so your gorgeous new grows arrive within days rather than weeks. From Maxomorra to Duns you'll be absolutely spoiled for choice. Prices for babygrows start at €15.

5) Runa Baby

Bibs have become the biggest baby fashion accessory in the last year and Runa Baby has some of the best ones on the market. Available in a huge selection of designs and colours I personally found them super absorbent as my little one is teething like crazy at the moment. They're also not just for small babies and even have you covered when mealtime gets particularly messy as they also sell long-sleeved bibs to save you having to change your child's entire outfit. Small bibs are €4 or 3 bibs for €10 and long-sleeved bibs start at €10.