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Baby's health

21st Feb 2023

3 baby skincare basics every parent should know about

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by Caldesene

How to give your baby’s skin the extra TLC it needs.

Every parent wants to do whatever they can to protect their baby and the same can be said for their skin.

A newborn’s skin is much thinner and more delicate than an adult’s or older child’s skin, meaning it can require some extra attention when it comes to skincare.

With that in mind, we’ve put together everything you need to know about caring for your newborn’s skin. From when not to use products to the essentials every parent should stock up on, here are our top tips…

Keep it simple

Pharmacies and supermarket shelves can be packed with products tailored towards newborn babies’ skin, making it hard for new parents to decide what is and isn’t essential. In reality, many of these products are not baby skincare essentials and in some cases, may even be harmful.

For example, it’s usually recommended you use plain water when washing your baby for the first 4 weeks or so, as the various chemicals and fragrances in certain bath or skincare products can irritate a very young baby’s skin. Similarly, you don’t need to shampoo a newborn baby’s hair for the first few weeks, simply using water and a comb is enough.

Nappy Rash

When it comes to babies’ skin, one of the most common problems parents face is preventing and treating nappy rash. Nappy rash can occur when a baby’s nappy isn’t changed often enough or when dampness in the area irritates the skin.

To help keep it at bay, Caldesene Medicated Powder is specially formulated to prevent your baby from getting nappy rash. Not only does it create a barrier against wetness on your baby’s delicate skin, it’s also medicated – meaning it attacks any harmful bacteria that could irritate your little one’s skin.

It’s super simple to use; Simply apply Caldesene Medicated Powder at every nappy change, to prevent nappy rash from taking hold or to treat any irritation that’s already present. For added convenience, Caldesene comes in 20g, 55g and 100g sizes, meaning there are larger sizes to suit your at-home changing stations or a miniature version to pop in your nappy bag on the go.

And you know you’re in safe hands with a product like Caldesene, as parents have trusted it to protect delicate baby skin for over 45 years.

Dry Skin

Patches of dry skin can be common in young babies and there are products out there that can help with the issue. The HSE says once your baby is 4 weeks old, you can use an emollient cream on any dry patches that you’ve noticed.

Just be sure to read labels carefully before using any moisturiser or lotion. Opt for products that are free of colours, perfumes and alcohol and look out for hypoallergenic products that do not have dyes or fragrances. And of course, if you’re worried that any skin problems could be a more serious issue, always check in with your GP for advice.

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Caldesene Powder contains Calcium Undecylenate 10% w/w. For topical use only. Cleanse and dry the affected area, sprinkle on Caldesene after each nappy change or as directed by a doctor. Always read the label.

Brought to you by Caldesene