The garlic press hack you need to know about if you are about to wean your baby 2 years ago

The garlic press hack you need to know about if you are about to wean your baby

Mind. Blown.

If you have a baby of weaning age, this nifty little hack might just be about to change your life.

A hack-themed post popped up on Reddit recently, and it’s got a lot of parents crying “genius!”

What it involved? A simple garlic press. And you might be surprised at how simple and genius this is. I know I sure was.

“I carry a garlic press in my purse so that when I’m out at a restaurant I can make a small amount of baby food out of any steamed vegetable,” Reddit user crinnaursa wrote.

And straight away, quite a few people loved this idea which was shared on a thread titled What are some lesser-known secondary uses for an everyday product?

"Wow. I have a food grinder that I never really used because it was messy and cumbersome. I never thought of a garlic press," one parent wrote.

Another one said:

"Can confirm. Works great. On-demand purées!” someone else posted approvingly."


One person, who was clearly as impressed as I am, wrote:

“I can vividly picture the incredulous look on bystanders’ faces when you pull out the garlic press, and then the subsequent look of enlightenment and modest respect as they realize what you’re using it for."

However, some were not as impressed and seemed more confused about how hack-y this hack really was.

“But … would a fork not work just as well?” an unconvinced Redditor commented. “We mostly did baby-led weaning, and brought purees with us when we were going out before we switched, so … seems like a solution to a problem we didn’t really experience.”

For others, the logistics of carrying used kitchen equipment cancelled out the usefulness of this cheat.

“This seems like more hassle than it’s worth. Then you also have a dirty garlic press hanging around in your bag,” someone pointed out.

What do YOU think, parents? I must admit, I think it sounds pretty darn clever, especially if your baby is still young-ish, and need food that is slightly more pureed than you would get using a fork.