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Early years

10th Aug 2020

Mum photographs bobbin breast pump hack and it is absolutely brilliant

Melissa Carton

A mum has got to do what a mum has got to do.

When you’re a new mum you learn very quickly that there is no rule book when it comes to getting stuff done.

You can often feel like you need extra hands and in reality, you do which is why I absolutely love this mum’s breastfeeding hack.

The mum posted the photo to social media and her breastfeeding and pumping milk at the same time all with the help of one little hair accessory.

I really wish I had known about this hair bobbin hack when I was breastfeeding as it would have saved me so much time.

It would also have helped make sure that my boobs were being used equally because as much as I tried to keep track of which breast had been used last the baby brain was real.

I’m not the only parent who thinks this is a great idea with many commenting on the photo;

“YES!!! So so so necessary!!! I was using one with a mum of a 6 month old today — obviously this is needed! Thank you!”

“Amazing idea thank you!”

Now, why don’t they teach hacks like this in antenatal classes I will never know.