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Early years

27th Aug 2023

Mum-of-six reveals how to transfer a sleeping baby from your arms into the cot

A mum has revealed a clever hack that won’t disturb your sleepy baby.

Trying to successfully transfer your sleeping baby from your arms (or the car seat or pram) into the cot for a nap- or bedtime is not easy.

Luckily, one mum has come to our rescue with a clever hack that will make this way easier.

Lynda Harding, a UK mum-of-six from the UK and self-described sleep expert, recently took to TikTok to share a tip that may help us all navigate the cot transfer that little bit easier.

Harding shared the step-by-step video with her 90,000 followers, and captioned it:

“Does your newborn baby wake up every time you put them down to sleep? This could be why.”

The video starts with Harding holding a baby doll over a cot. She then demonstrates what she says is a commonly used but problematic technique.

“Putting your baby down so their head and shoulders touch the mattress first can give them the sensation of falling and trigger the startle reflex, even when they’re sound asleep,” the mum-of-six explains.

“To remedy this, try putting them down so that their bum, back, and then their head touches the mattress.”

She adds, “Why not give it a try? This small change can make a big difference.”

The TikTok video has been liked over 30,000 times, with plenty of parents thanking Harding for her sleep hack.

“Why wasn’t this tip here when my baby was a newborn?” one person said.

“About to try this now. She’s woken up the last four times I’ve put her down so here goes,” wrote another mum hopefully.