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Early years

11th Mar 2018

New breast pump allows nursing mamas to pump in their SLEEP

This is a game changer

Trine Jensen-Burke

While breast might be best, let’s all agree that pumping is not (in fact, it was the single worst thing about my whole first year as a mama).

Seriously, that wosh-wosh sound from my electric pump still has the power to send shivers down my spine. Not because it was painful in any way, uncomfortable I think would be a better word, but for me, the killer was just how freakin’ time-consuming it was, having to just sit around like  dairy cowwhile the pump did its job.

And I’m not the only one – experts nwo predict that making pumping easier could go a long way towards helping to support new mums’ breastfeeding goals – and actually extend the time she breastfeeds her baby.

And now it looks like one company has come up with a solution: a breast pump that  lets women pump hands-free – while she goes about her business – or even in her sleep!

Say hello to Liberty. .

According to, the genius bit here is the actual pumping apparatus, which is made so small it collects milk in breast-shaped cups that fit inside your bra. What this means, mama, is that you can pump at your desk while completely dressed instead of boobs out while hiding in the bathroom.

And let us introduce you to the programmable sleep function, which allows mamas to go back to sleep at the start of pumping, knowing the motor will switch off automatically at a preset time between 5 and 40 minutes. Literally snoozing as you lactate, mamas – how sensational does that sound?

Oh, and fresh breast milk can sit out for at least four hours, so it’s safe to snooze between sessions. Oh, and get this: there’s a back-flow barrier that prevents leaks, even when you’re laying down.

Talk about multitasking, mamas!