Ready for solids? The squish test will tell you if food is safe for babies 7 months ago

Ready for solids? The squish test will tell you if food is safe for babies

Got a little one who is almost ready for their first taste of solid food?

Weaning your baby is such an exciting and also nerve-racking time for parents.

There are so many things to take into consideration, and if you are anything like me, you are so terrified of them choking because you gave them something that is not mushed enough or blended enough.

However, did you know there is actually a really simple way to test if a new food is safe for your little one? Say hello to the Squish Test.

Paramedic Nikki Jurcutz and her sister Rach Waia run the Tiny Hearts Education, an organisation that runs online baby first aid courses. And they’ve shared this useful tip to check whether something d is safe for your little one to eat.

“This easy trick is a quick way for you to test if a food is safe to give to your little one,” Jurcutz explains.

“Pinch the food between your pointer finger and thumb to mimic the pressure of a toothless gum-chewing it. If the food squishes easily, it’s likely safe to give to bub."


She adds:

“If it doesn’t easily squish, you need to modify, substitute or avoid it to minimise the risk of choking."

'Five to stay alive'

Jurcutz is also keen to remind parents that knowing what to do in case of someone chokes on something is vital.

"Anyone can choke on anything, so knowing what to do is so, so important."

The paramedic has a little rule that might help someone if faced with the situation of a baby or toddler choking on something:

“If bub is choking, remember; ‘Five to stay alive’," she says.

"Five back blows, followed by five chest thrusts over and over until the obstruction is cleared, the ambulance arrives and takes over, or bub goes unconscious and needs CPR.”