This handy hack is something is that I think all parents of babies need 10 months ago

This handy hack is something is that I think all parents of babies need

Can anyone else never find a bib when they need one?

They're like the baby version of bobby pins, you know you must have hundreds lying around but can never find one when you need them.

If like myself you find a lot of your bibs going AWOL after they've gone through the wash, then you're going to love this baby hack.

This parenting hack posted by New Irish Mammies is so simple and yet I've never tried it before.

Although it was posted a few months ago I only saw it shared this week and am so glad I did.

Attaching your bibs to a hanger to keep them all together in one place. Genius!

My one-year-old is extremely independent and only wants to feed herself, leading to maximum mess, which then transfers onto my clothes when I pick her up.

When I'm able to locate a bib though I can just whip it off and with it most of her banana custard artwork.

Bibs are also important in my house at the moment due to teething and constant drooling.

My little one caught a chest infection during January so I like to keep her chest as dry as possible, which means having a lot of bibs on standby.

This hack is probably the easiest parenting hack that I've come across so far and it's the one that I would use the most.

We buy so many bits and bobs when we become parents that we often overlook what we already have at home for repurposing.

I will definitely be giving this hack a try with my bibs.