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21st Feb 2024

TikTok may have the solution for sleepless parents

Anna Martin

TikTok may have the solution for sleepless new parents

Did you know that new parents can lose up to 133 nights of sleep in one year?

Remember the days when you could go to sleep for the entire night? We miss that.

If you’re a first-time parent you could be missing up to three hours of sleep per night.

These hacks may finally help you get some well-needed shut-eye.

French baby

@babysleepteam How is it so common in France that an overwhelming majority of babies sleep through the night before 6 months? I’ll tell you! #frenchparenting #lepause #babysleep #babysleeptips #babysleeptime😇🥰 #sleepconsultant #babysleepteam ♬ original sound – Cat 👋 Baby Sleep Consultant❤️

TikTok user @babysleepteam might have the right hack for you.

This French baby hack helps your baby settle themselves when they wake up at night, making going back to sleep a little bit easier for you and your little one.  

This hack is the ‘la pause’ and all it means is that you wait a minute or two before checking on your baby when they wake up at night. 

Using this hack gives your child a minute to stir and self-soothe before drifting back to sleep. Babies can be noisy during all stages of the sleep cycle, so giving yourself some time to see if it is genuine upset or simply a little one trying to go back to sleep can prevent you from waking them up.

Baby burping for easy drift-off 

@littleonesbabysleep 🌙✨ Sleepy Baby Burping 😴👶 Ever wondered about burping a sleeping baby? It's a challenge! Here's the deal: aim for alert moments, not deep sleep. If your little one nods off without a burp, no worries—some babies let it out later.⁠ ⁠ My two kids? Total opposites! One could sleep through a burping attempt, the other needed a bit more attention. 😅 Bottom line: if burps don't disturb their sleep, let them sleep. If it's a sleep hiccup, gently wake them for that crucial burp moment.⁠ ⁠ 🌠 Check our bio for sleep tips and advice.⁠ ⁠ #littleonesbabysleep #babysleep #babysleepconsultant #babysleephelp #babysleeptips #momtok #mumtok #fyp #winding #burping ♬ original sound – Little Ones

Making sure your baby is as comfortable as possible when going to sleep is essential for a well-rested baby.  

Another TikToker, @littleonesbabysleep, suggests in a video that your baby might not be able to settle or stay asleep due to trapped wind.

They recommend making sure that your baby has had two “really good” burps before being put down to rest. This way, they’re not uncomfortable or stuck with trapped wind.  

She also recommends knowing the right awake time for your baby so that they’re not going to bed overly tired – which can make your little ones more difficult to settle.

At a couple of weeks, one and a half hours is the maximum awake time, including feeds but every baby is unique. helping them nod off a little bit faster.  

The containment hold 

@ewanandfriends Try this calming containment hold when putting your baby down to sleep. Containment holds help your baby feel secure and can help them settle 💤 #mumsoftiktok #babysleeptips #parentsoftiktok #momsoftiktok #newmum #babytiktok #newbornbaby ♬ QUIET DOWN 2 – Madison Malone

Putting your baby down once they’re asleep can be one of the most difficult tasks, with the transition often causing your baby to wake up.

Thankfully @ewanandfriends has a solution. All you have to do is place them inside, resting one hand gently on their head and forehead and the other applying gentle pressure to their stomach.  

When you think your baby is settled, start gently stroking their forehead with your hand – removing it once you feel comfortable that your baby is settled. 

Once you’re sure they’re fast asleep, gently remove your hand from their stomach too and they should remain asleep.