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05th Aug 2021

Entertaining toddlers: 5 easy ideas that turn a cardboard box into hours of fun

Trine Jensen-Burke

cardboard box craft ideas

If you have ever watched a toddler open a wrapped present, you will soon realise they often find as much joy in the wrapping as they do the actual present inside.

Kids love cardboard, it’s just one of those things – and when you realise just how much affordable fun these boxes yield, you’d be excused for never throwing another cardboard box out ever again.

Curious as to how you can get your toddler to pass the time? Take a look:

1. Cardboard road map

If your little ones have tons of trucks and cars, we bet they are going to love this. Flatten the boxes, and simply dray or paint on road tracks, parking spots, buildings, shops – whatever you like. You can also, if you are feeling super-creative, use coloured paper and glue to create a map of your neighbourhood or town.

Inspiration via Rochelle’s Blog.  

2. Dollhouse

You’ll be drinking your coffee hot again in no-time, mums. These gorgeous dolls houses are pretty much the perfect way to pass time, and just watch the older kids become interested in helping out too.

Inspiration via Pencil & Thread

3. Drive-in-movie cars

Go to the movies – but, you know, in your back garden!

The ultimate fun family movie night – or maybe a way to just keep them busy while you reply to some e-mails, either way, we are loving these cardboard cars so much!

4. Box castle or fort

My six-year-old loves nothing more than to build forts, be it from boxes or sofa cushions, and literally, the more cardboard, the better with this one.

Castles, forts, dens and towers, the sky (and available floor space) is your limit.

5. Paint studio

Maybe do this one in the garden?

Painting inside a box – or, like in this case, let them throw pain balls into the box to make art – will make for tons of fun – and mess.