Here are some top tips for keeping your baby's bottom rash free 1 year ago

Here are some top tips for keeping your baby's bottom rash free

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No one likes nappy rash.

Especially not your baby. They're uncomfortable, sore, and are often made worse by new nappies rubbing against them. Just the worst really.

It may seem like an inevitability, something you just have to get through. However, there are several things you can do to help prevent nappy rash.

If you want to keep your baby is feeling happy and rash-free, try following these guidelines.

Change your baby's nappy frequently

Babies generally don't have much control over their bladders, so you might find that your little one will wee in small bits pretty frequently. You might think this teensy bit of pee can be left for a while until the next proper wee but if your baby is prone to nappy rash, even a slight dampness can do some damage.

Be gentle and use only the purest lotions

Try to stick to either water or ph-neutral soaps when cleaning your little one's bottom. Anything else might irritate their skin. Definitely stay away from any wet wipes that are scented or contain alcohol. When you are wiping your baby's behind, use light pats only and don't rub - even if they don't have a rash, their skin is about 20-30% thinner than ours so it's very sensitive.

Keep everything dry and breezy

Make sure your baby's bottom is completely dry before putting on a new nappy. Let them kick their legs around and air dry for a minute if needs be. When you do put the nappy on, make sure not to over tighten it as that could cause chafing.

If they already have a bit of a nasty rash, maybe leave the nappy off for a while. Lie them down on a waterproof cloth or block off the carpeted areas and give them a little while to move around nappy-free. Your baby will feel a lot more comfortable and the rash will have time to heal a bit before anything irritates it again.

Think carefully about the nappies you're using

While disposable nappies are not the best if you're trying to help out the environment, they usually do a bit better when it comes to preventing nappy rash. So if you're using cloth nappies and your baby is suffering from a nasty nappy rash, think about switching to disposable for a while. There are plenty of more eco-friendly disposable options out there to look into. If you're planning on sticking to cloth nappies, make sure you change them often and try to get ones that keep the surface of the nappy dry.

Keep the nappies chemical free

If you are keeping with the cloth nappies, make sure to thoroughly rinse out any chemicals after washing. If you're using a washing machine, the rinse cycle should do the trick but if you're washing by hand, make sure to thoroughly rinse them in clean water after washing. Also, dry them in a drier if possible to keep them nice and soft.

Use powder or ointment as a protective shield

Rub some powder or ointment on your little one's behind before you put on their new nappy. This will act as an extra protective shield from the nappy and can help stop a rash forming. A perfect powder for this is Caldesene Powder. It helps prevent nappy rash and, if your baby does get one, it also helps to heal the rash by attacking harmful bacteria and soothing skin irritation. Make sure to apply it every time you change your baby's nappy. Baby will thank you for it.

We hope these little tips and tricks will help you and your baby out. Nappies definitely shouldn't mean constant discomfort. Nappy rash is a common phenomenon but give your baby's doctor a call if the rash doesn't disappear in a few days, if you notice it spreading beyond their bum and upper thighs, or if you notice any blisters or pus-filled sores.

Brought to you by Caldesene

Caldesene powder promises love and care to babies's bottoms. It forms a barrier against wetness and protects against nappy rash whilst having a lovely Caldesene fragrance. It comes in three handy sizes - 20g, 55g, and 100g - and is available in all good pharmacies.