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28th Apr 2016

109-Year-Old Woman Reveals Secrets To Long Life: No Men And Jelly Babies


If you were under the impression that eating healthy and exercising loads is the key to a long life, you might be mistaken.

Well, that is if you buy into Nellie Wright’s philosophy.

Earlier this month, she celebrated her 109th birthday with her friends and family in Yorkshire, where she lives.

According to The Yorkshire Post, she told her guests that the secrets to her impressive age were avoiding men and eating jelly babies.

She is quoted as saying: “I’ve stayed away from men all my life – full stop. That’s my secret, no men. And living off jelly babies – I eat a packet a day.”

Nellie added: “I think it’s marvellous that I’ve been able to live this long. I had a wonderful party and I’ve had a wonderful life.”

We REALLY like her style but are curious as to what her thoughts are on wine…