The 9-step No Bullsh*t Cheat Sheet to a Summer Bod 6 years ago

The 9-step No Bullsh*t Cheat Sheet to a Summer Bod

While we can’t promise you the body of Gisele, there are some summer rules that will guarantee you see significant changes in a short space of time.

Follow these tips for a minimum of four weeks and you'll drop pounds and inches, especially at the waist.

My plan will also help to minimise the appearance and severity of cellulite and lighten and brighten the skin generally. You’ll also have more energy and confidence when you hit the beach!

First and foremost, get rid of all junky treats and temptations in the house - and, no, not into your mouth, you are not a bin!

  1. Forget calorie counting. Not all calories are created equal. The same number of healthy food (the kind that mother nature, not a lab, made) calories versus that of processed foods will have a totally different effect on our body, the former making weight loss almost effortless, the latter making it almost impossible.
  2. Ditch processed foods. Eat food that your great-grandmother would have had on her shopping list.Think meat, fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, dairy in limited quantities. That's it - it's not complicated! These foods are low GI - meaning that they keep our blood sugar levels (and our appetites) stable - key to burning stored body fat. They also deliver the nutrients our body needs for glowing skin, thick hair and bright eyes.
  3. Cut out all 'low' and 'no calories' food and drink. There are strong links between these products and increased weight gain, especially around the middle.
  4. Limit alcohol to one night per week. Aim for a max of three drinks. Not only will this help with weight loss (and appetite control), but it will also help improve the skin on your face (and, incidentally, the skin on your butt!).
  5. For clear skin and lots of energy aim to drink between two and four litres of water per day. Add sliced fruits or mint leaves to flavour. Avoid cordials or artificially flavoured waters.
  6. Keep tea and coffee to maximum of two per day (a splash of milk, no sugar or sweeteners). Stripping out excessive caffeine consumption helps to fix tired, overworked systems and reduces temptation for the sweet treats that so often accompany them.
  7. Go for a brisk 30-minute walk every day (add in bouts of jogging if your fitness allows). Track your distance with an app like Fitbit or Strava. Each week, you should be aiming to cover a greater distance in the same amount of time.
  8. Strength train between three and five times per week. This will boost your metabolism, and tone your body in a way that cardio alone cannot. Find a local class, or download a suitable app. Nike Training Club is excellent, with lots of equipment-free workout variations for beginners to more advanced trainers.
  9. Do the 'all day long ab workout'. Lightly draw your tummy muscles in as often as you remember (hint, you should still be able to breath normally!) until it becomes second nature. This will help to flatten the tummy much more than simply relying on occasional ab crunches.

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