Bressie will be hosting mindfulness classes for kids on his Instagram Live 2 years ago

Bressie will be hosting mindfulness classes for kids on his Instagram Live

A fantastic idea.

Right now is a very anxious time for all of us but for children it can be even more confusing and stressful.

With schools closing and being cut off from physically meeting up with those outside of their family unit, they may be feeling more anxious than ever.

I know my own child has been worried that he'll never see his school friends again and it's very hard to comfort him when I don't even know when he'll get to go back to school.

If your child has been experiencing similar bouts of anxiety, Bressie's new mindfulness classes might be the perfect thing to get them involved in.

Niall Breslin otherwise known as Bressie has been an advocate for mental health in Ireland for many years,


Yesterday he announced that he will be running classes for children focusing on mindfulness.

The classes running Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5pm will be available to watch through his Instagram Live.

The classes will last for short 15 minute sessions.

"I have been chatting with quite a lot of parents and guardians over last few weeks about their kids and the inevitable anxieties they are all dealing with. Throughout my studies I took a big interest in how we can help young kids develop the tools to deal with their emotions and worries. I have just finished writing my third book on the subject.

I wanted to try see how could host short classes online to do see if can support them (and hopefully you too). It will generally be breath work and also some tips on managing their worries.

I will host the 15 min classes each Monday, wed and Friday at 5pm. My aim is to be able to commit to all of these times but there may be odd day I can’t make. I will also save the live videos and host on my Facebook page in case you guys can’t watch at those times . Hope it helps."

The first class starts this evening and I'll be tuning in with my children to see what techniques and wellbeing advice Bressie can give.