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31st Mar 2017

Diabetes Ireland issues warning over new lowered glucose levels in Lucozade

Niamh Maher

People who are recommended to drink Lucozade Energy when their blood glucose levels are low are being warned that the formulation of the drink is changing.

It’s emerged that the company behind the popular energy drink will be lowering the amount of glucose in their drinks which could affect many diabetics in Ireland. The drink is often recommended to sufferers when they feel that their blood sugar levels are low.

But as of April 2017,  Lucozade plan to reduce the level of glucose contained in a bottle by 50%, the reduction will now render the drink as insufficient to sufferers as the new recipe will not be enough to counteract hypoglycaemia.

This change will NOT be advertised on the bottle.

Diabetes Ireland issued the warning via a blog post on their website:



If you are concerned that this may affect you or someone you know please check with your pharmacist or doctor/diabetes team to see if any of your diabetes medications puts you at risk of a low blood glucose.

We got in touch with Lucozade Energy in Ireland to find out more, they told us their health and wellbeing plan was launched back in November in an attempt to maintain the same taste but with less sugar.

They were made aware at the time by the Department of Health that some diabetics use the produce for hypoglycemic purposes and since then they have been actively involved in spreading the information.

If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch with Diabetes Ireland through their helpline on 1850 090 090.