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19th Apr 2024

Mum warns parents against use of suction bowls at meal times

Anna Martin

silicone bowl

One mother has issued a warning to parents after a scary incident with a silicone suction bowl

Though they might seem like a good idea to try and avoid what seems like an inevitable mess they come with risks.

Laci Wornick, a mum from Texas, got a terrible fright at breakfast time when the silicone suction bowl her kid was eating from got stuck over her face.

Though understandably scared, Laci rushed into action to prevent her child from suffocating and now she’s warning other parents of the danger.

Sharing the story on Facebook, the mother wrote: “She placed her head in her bowl and it suctioned immediately to her face perfectly. The bowl was slick and greasy from her eating.

“When I leaned over the island to pull it off, my hands slipped off the bowl. With every scream she made, the bowl suctioned tighter and tighter.

“I ran around the island and was able to dig my fingers up under the bowl to break the seal and finally free her.”

Mum warns parents against use of silicone suction bowls at meal times
Credit: Laci Wornick

Though her child was shaken by the terrifying moment, after a few deep breaths she was back to normal much to Laci’s relief.

The mum of three expressed how she hated to think about what could have happened if she wasn’t sitting there with her.

“Thank goodness she was only without air for a handful of seconds. This could have been terrible had I not been watching as it happened. And it happened so fast!”

Laci shared a photo of her daughter with the silicone bowl stuck to her face explaining that the bowl didn’t adhere to the table correctly making it easy for her to pick up.

She said that she had never considered the dangers before, adding, “Maybe I should have already considered this a possibility and maybe there are reports of this already that I was unaware of.

“I haven’t been a ‘new’ mum in many years, and my babies didn’t have these bowls.”