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02nd Aug 2017

Stop ignoring these two muscles when working out, say fitness experts

Yeah, we're guilty alright.

Whether you work out alone or attend classes, it can be tough to ensure each muscle group is getting equal attention.

Brought to our attention by Byrdie, two fitness experts have pointed out the two muscle groups that people can neglect when it comes to exercise.

Both professional trainer Astrid Swan and Kellie Sikorski of Barry’s Bootcamp Miami say that we don’t always dedicate time to the calves and lower back but that they are just as important as the more obvious muscles.

Chatting about the importance of training your calves, Astrid says: “Calves assist with walking, jumping, hopping, lateral movements, basically, anything involving movement.

“But these muscles are often ignored. It’s assumed that either you have calves or you don’t, but we all have them, and they are just as important as any other muscle in your leg”.

Calf building workout
Do you train your calves?!

Kellie then spoke about how the lower back is overlooked time and time again because when we talk about exercising the back, people think that working the upper back is enough.

Even diligent gym goers can fall foul to this and Kellie says that strengthening your lower back can reduce the risk of injury.

“The erector spinae, i.e. the lower back, is overlooked way too much, which is ironic because it’s the same area where the average person complains of pain.

“Not only does it look amazing when it’s developed, but it also protects you from injury” recommended the fitness professional.