This Snapchat story shows that hayfever is no laughing matter 5 years ago

This Snapchat story shows that hayfever is no laughing matter

While many people don't take it particularly seriously, hay fever can actually be fatal in some cases!

More and more people are becoming allergic to pollen, and during the extremely warm summer days, the pollen count goes through the roof, sending more and more people reaching for the anti-histamine tablets, eye drops, nasal sprays and throat lozenges.

Usually it just results in a runny nose, watery eyes and what feels like an endless barrage of sneezing fits, but believe it or not, severe hay fever can result in symptoms that vary from erectile dysfunction (?!) to a massive increase in the likelihood of a heart attack.

Thankfully nothing that serious happened here, as JOE reader Megan Casey sent us in some images of her friend who had to endure a particularly bad pollen allergy over the weekend:


In fact, the hay fever was so severe that the next update from Megan's friend was sent from a hospital's A&E department!

Thankfully, Megan's friend informed us that she is now fine and dandy, but if you do feel that the pollen is affecting you particularly harshly, there is a free app called Hay Fever Relief which was developed by an Irish doctor and his son, and will give you all the info you might need to help you get through this particularly pollinated season.