Struggle to lose weight? Everyone is raving about the 8-hour-diet 5 months ago

Struggle to lose weight? Everyone is raving about the 8-hour-diet

Feel like you have tried every diet and meal plan under the sun and still struggle to lose those last few stubborn lbs?

Then this 'diet hack' might be for you.

In fact; according to experts, it might just be the way we should all be eating if we want to stay lean and healthy, and even live longer.

Curious? New research suggests that when you choose to eat matters more than what you choose to eat.

What this means is that instead of restricting your diet at all times, a new study in Cell Metabolism claims you should be eating for an eight-hour period each day only.

Meaning, if you have your breakfast at 10 am, you should eat your last meal of the day no later than at 6 pm. Or, if you hang on and only eat your breakfast/lunch at 12 pm, you can eat up until 8 pm that day, but then not eat again until 12 pm the following day.

According to the researchers, mice who ate a high-fat diet but limited consumption to an eight-hour period each day were protected from weight gain, diabetes, and liver disease. However, mice that ate an identical diet over a long period of time did not have the same health benefits.

This might sound a little far-fetched, but the idea behind this diet plan is that when you’re constantly consuming food, your body goes into “storage mode,” meaning you gain weight. But when you don’t eat for longer periods of time—like the fasting gap you experience on an eight-hour diet—your liver stops letting glucose out into your bloodstream and instead uses it to repair the body’s cells.

There are plenty of books out now to back this method's success up, and researchers and health experts have for some time now agreed on that intermitted fasting might actually be good for us.

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