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17th May 2016

The Internet Is Going Nuts for A 50c Skin-Boosting Super Spice

Katie Mythen-Lynch

We’ve been adding antioxidant turmeric to our soups and curries by the spoonful for years now, but according to those in the know, we should be sprinkling it on our eggs and into our tea too.

Why? Well, turns out that curcumin, the compound that gives turmeric its lovely bold yellow colour, has some pretty major anti-inflammatory properties that work wonders on the skin. In fact, a daily dose of this potent herb has been shown to improve everything from acne to psoriasis.

Nutritionists and doctors recommend aiming for a 500mg supplement every day, eaten with some fat to increase absorption, but if you fancy topping up your turmeric levels outside of mealtimes, there are a few crafty ways to get it in.

Here are four turmeric tricks to try this week:

Lather up With a Lulur: Most Indonesian lulur scrubs contain a heft dose of turmeric to detoxify and brighten skin. To make one, mix a handful of oats with two tablespoons of turmeric and add a little water until it forms a paste. Use it to scrub damp skin from head to toe, then rinse with warm water.

Try an Indian Turmeric Facial: Indian brides are known to use a turmeric mask to blitz acne and make skin glow before the wedding. To make one, mix a tablespoon each of honey, yoghurt and turmeric in a bowl until it forms a smooth paste. Apply to cleansed skin after a shower and leave for 25 minutes before removing with a hot wash cloth.

Pop Some in Your Porridge: Add some turmeric, banana, peanut butter and fruit for super-powered oats.

Sip A Golden Milk: A soothing, healing recipe, this one is great a bedtime.

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