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03rd Mar 2023

Apparently drinking coffee makes your period cramps worse…

Clodagh McKeon

Time to put the coffee down…

Caffeine is the worlds all time favourite drug, obviously.

We’re no exception. We love a good mug of coffee with the average Irish woman drinking three cups of coffee a day.

But, are we making ourselves feel even worse by drinking it while on our period?


There seems to be some confusion surrounding caffeine and periods.

Does coffee help relieve painful cramps? Simple answer is no.

Caffeine blocks a hormone that can make blood vessels in the uterus smaller and this slows the flow of blood.

Coffee can also cause inflammation and bloating which only adds to tummy pain.

It can also make your breasts extra tender during your time of the month which is not a nice feeling at all.

So, actually, drinking coffee can make period cramps worse.

This has been challenged though as recent studies found no link to caffeine either causing painful cramps nor relieving them.

Can coffee make you dizzy and nauseous during your period?

If you didn’t know already, overdosing on coffee is in fact a thing.

Sweating, restlessness, nausea, diarrhoea and anxiety are all symptoms to watch out for.

Drinking too much coffee around the time of your period can elevate the symptoms and can make you super sick so definitely pass on the vanilla lattes for a few days.

Women can feel extra tired during their periods and want to reach for a cup of coffee because it’s a fast acting stimulant but, doing this to combat tiredness can intensify feelings of anxiety and irritability.

Doing this can also really effect your sleeping pattern and when on your period, sleeping right is so important.

The recommended daily intake of caffeine for an average person is 400mg but when on your period, it should be less.

Of course, it all depends on your weight, age and overall health but do contact a health care expert if you have questions.

Instead of coffee drink…

There are many alternatives to caffeine now a days and one obvious one being decaffeinated coffee.

There are lots of herbal teas on the market that help with period paid and they have a range of health benefits.

Instead of coffee try, black, green or camomile tea or maybe a Kombucha.

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