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09th Aug 2022

How to make a ‘time of the month’ kit for your teenager which they will thank you for

Even as adults periods can be a pain but as a teen, they’re even more problematic.

When you’ve only just begun having your period it can be hard to figure out your menstrual cycle and just when you’re going to need all your supplies.

As parents, we can make this time of the month a little bit easier by creating kits with everything our daughters will need to get them through their period.

First off you’re going to need a really cute pouch to store everything in. The style and size is completely up to personal preference and also how many items you want to put inside.

If you want to keep it just to the essentials then a makeup size bag will do but if you want to add a few extras you’ll probably need something a little larger.


Next, are the sanitary products themselves which can be anything from pads to tampons to period pants.

Menstrual cups have also become a popular choice over the last few years.

If you’re creating a pack for a first-period pack products like pads and period pants might be better as they’re that little bit easier to use for younger teens.

Period pains have been proven to be as painful as a heart attack so it’s always a good idea to have a couple of pain killers on hand.

If you don’t know if your child is allergic to certain medications always check with a medical professional before giving them anything.

A packet of wet wipes is another thing handy to have on hand should accidents occur.

Pharmacies such as Boots and Superdrug also stock wipes especially for feminine hygiene which are safe to use around sensitive areas.

There is absolutely nothing like a hot water bottle when you’re suffering from cramps and I would definitely recommend adding one of these to your period pack.

Many shops also sell microwaveable teddies that work in the same way if you want to make your pack extra cute.

Last but not least, you guessed it, chocolate.

Whether its a delicious cup of hot chocolate or our favourite chocolate bar, this sugary treat has long been a go-to for women and girls dealing with their time of the month.

You could even have a look in shops like Dealz to see if you could pick up a personalised bar as they often carry chocolate bars with personalised names.