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Big Kids

07th Jun 2018

This summer camp is perfect for any teen interested in biodiversity

Melissa Carton

If you’ve got a teen at home interested in biodiversity and the conservation of our planet, this summer camp will be right up their alley.

Run by ECO-UNESCO, the Green Teen Summer Camp is for young people, aged between 12 and 16 years, to get together and discover new ways to protect our planet.

The aim of this programme is to help teenagers develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values related to sustainable development.

The camp runs between 10 am – 3 pm every day for the one-week period in ECO-UNESCO’s headquarters at 9 Burgh Quay.

Global warming and climate change are incredibly topical at the moment and will be even more so in our children’s lifetime. While we as parents can do as much as we can to detract from our own carbon footprint the next generation are the ones most likely to figure out the big solutions to these environmental issues.

This camp will give any child interested in tackling global problems like water pollution and saving our forests, a headstart on saving the world.

ECO UNESCO is an Environmental Youth Organisation that works with children and young people in the areas of Environmental education.

The goal of the camp is to support the personal development of the children taking part in physical activity, nature learning, and environmental thinking.

Completely packed with activities it will include day trips to places like Bull Island, Barnaslingan Woods and Bray’s coastline, with a huge focus on the natural environment and discovering green areas around the city. There will also be classroom workshops on biodiversity.

A great start to the summer with lots of outdoor fun with new friends, the camp also teaches children valuable lessons on conservation that will last them a lifetime.

The summer camp costs €90 and runs next week from June 18 to 22 in Dublin city centre. Booking can be made through ECO-UNESCO’s email