Another 'disturbing' David Letterman interview has surfaced, this one with Jennifer Aniston 1 year ago

Another 'disturbing' David Letterman interview has surfaced, this one with Jennifer Aniston

Absolutely shocking.

Last week fans of Lindsay Lohan called for The Late Show host David Letterman to apologise to Lohan for an interview he did with her in 2013.

The interview sees Letterman ask Lohan a string of very inappropriate questions about her struggles with addiction and her time in rehab.

Now yet another interview with Letterman has surfaced and honestly it's incredibly disturbing.

The interview starts off like any interview with chit chat and banter but things take a peculiar turn a few minutes in.

For some bizarre reason, which has nothing to do with what they were talking about, Letterman decides to get behind the then 29-year-old Aniston and suck on a strand of her hair.

Yes, we know, what the hell?


Even though it seems that this was pre-planed on Letterman's end as he has his band ready and waiting to do sound effects, it's clear from Aniston's face she was not in on the gag.

The Friends actor can be seen looking incredibly uncomfortable throughout the whole interaction and trying to pull away.

Afterwards Aniston looks disgusted as she's left wiping Letterman's saliva off of her hair.

The whole segment leaves us with a lot of questions but mainly just one word - why?

Jennifer Aniston WESTWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 16: Actress Jennifer Aniston arrives at the premiere of Universal Pictures' 'Wanderlust' held at Mann Village Theatre on February 16, 2012 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Fans of Aniston are now calling for an apology from The Late Show host for his appalling treatment of the young star, but if one is will actually be forthcoming is another thing entirely.

Unfortunately, Aniston and Lohan are far from the only women who have received treatment like this while being interviewed, made ever apparent by the new documentary Framing Britney, but hopefully they will be some of the last.