Paris Hilton's husband's 9-year-old child wrote a letter begging him to be in her life 1 year ago

Paris Hilton's husband's 9-year-old child wrote a letter begging him to be in her life

"You will really be missing out because I’m awesome."

Paris Hilton's new husband, Carter Reum, has a nine-year-old daughter he has allegedly seen just once since she was born – but the child's mother says he's more than welcome to change that.

Earlier this week, Page Six revealed Reum has a daughter named Evie with Laura Bellizzi, a reality star who briefly dated Mel Gibson.

Like Reum, Bellizzi originally hails from Chicago but now lives in California with the child.

Reum signed legal documents filed last year acknowledging he is the girl's father, according to reports, and a spokesperson for him said he has taken care of his financial responsibilities to her.

“The people who this story matters to have known about it for 10 years,” the spokesperson said.

“Carter supports this child. While he does not have a traditional father-daughter relationship with her, he has provided for her since she was born, and will continue to do so.”

Though the news only became public this week, the spokesperson said Paris has known about his daughter since the beginning of their relationship.

“From the beginning of Paris and Carter’s relationship, he was upfront with her about the matter,” the spokesperson continued. “They are looking forward to starting their own family together in the future.”


The publication also said the girl was “triggered” by seeing coverage of the big wedding – which took place on November 11 – and felt “left out of her father’s life.”

“Also, she saw the articles of Paris and Carter talking about starting a family. She felt tremendous rejection and felt left out. She wants to have a relationship with him,” the source told them.

Bellizzi has since stated the newlyweds have an "open invitation" to be part of her daughter's life if they so wish.

“The more people [who] proactively love Evie, the better,” she said in a statement to Page Six. “Nothing compensates for the lack of both parents. This applies to all children. It takes a village to raise great kids.

“Carter, his new wife, and [his extended] family will continue to have an open invitation should any of them decide to participate in Evie’s life.”

A letter Evie wrote to her father was also circulated in the press and online, in which the 9-year-old said she would really like to have a relationship with him despite feeling hurt by him.

“If you choose to respond to me I will be so happy,” a line from the letter reads.

Bellizzi added that she wants nothing from the businessman but to allow their daughter to get to know him.

“It’s unfortunate to live in a society that systemically enables absentee fathers while overtly stigmatising single mothers who are putting in the sweat equity of raising great kids,” she said.

“This subject is foundational to many societal problems, and it needs to change.”