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15th Feb 2024

Hilary Swank shares the names of her twins almost a year after their birth

Jody Coffey

hilary swank

Such unique choices!

Hilary Swank and her husband, Philip Schneider, welcomed their twins, a boy and a girl, last April.

The couple, who have been married since 2018, have revealed their 10-month-old twins’ names for the first time in a special Valentine’s Day post.

In a beach snap uploaded to Instagram of the twins, the mum-of-two shared that their daughter’s name is Aya and their son is called Ohm.

“I have a busy week of talk shows ahead where I’ll be sharing about my new film and a fun partnership, but I figured what better day to share the names of my two little loves with you all first,” the actress captioned the photo.

“Thanks for being here!! Happy Valentine’s Day. P.S. Who else has babies that think sand is edible?”

The name Ohm is a Hindu name meaning ‘Primordial Sound’, according to Times Now.

The pronunciation for this unique male name is ‘Owm’.

Meanwhile, Aya is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘colourful, bird, sign’, according to Nameberry.