Three Foods You Shouldn't Reheat in The Microwave 7 years ago

Three Foods You Shouldn't Reheat in The Microwave

The microwave is a wonderful invention when you have absolutely no time to make something for yourself and you simply opt to reheat.

But it seems, according to The Food Network, that there are some foods that you just shouldn't put in the microwave.

First up (and perhaps an obvious one) is chicken. Apparently using the microwave for this leaves it dry. Instead, you should cover it in tinfoil and fire it into the oven.

Grilled chicken leg with toast and cherry tomato

The second one is pizza (we're totally guilty of this one). It is recommended that you put it in a dry skillet covered in tinfoil over the stove for a few minutes.


Last but not least, pasta should be reheated in a saucepan over a medium heat rather than put into the microwave. You should also stir it for the duration.

Then again, if you get caught rushing your lunch or dinner, you could always try out these quick recipes.