Jo Malone candle dupes and room diffusers - from Aldi, nonetheless 2 years ago

Jo Malone candle dupes and room diffusers - from Aldi, nonetheless

Ah, Jo Malone.

The brand with the capacity to make any room (or human skin) smell absolutely divine.

Their candles and perfumes have been delighting the senses of us human beings for years now, and even though the products are expensive enough, there comes a time in everyone's life when they simply feel the unavoidable need to splash out.

It doesn't always have to be that way though. The year is 2020, dupes exist, and we no longer need to bankrupt ourselves to avail of nice things.

Especially not now that Aldi will be selling a few luxurious candles and diffusers to spruce up your gaff this October - for under a 5er, nonetheless.

The supermarket's newest additions to their Hotel Collection  include Opium Noir/Sweet Almond and Macaroon/Night Orchid candles for €4.90, Spiced Orange or Frankincense & Myrrh candle centrepieces for €5.89, and Amber Woods or Crackling Embers candle centrepieces for €11.79.

Aldi will also be introducing a series of diffusers with similar enough scents for a cool €4.90.


That's a lot of fragrances, and for a lot less money than you'd pay for them elsewhere, in fairness.

“The Hotel Collection candles are found in many rooms in my house," says Sinéad Kavanagh from The Beautiful Truth. "They burn so well and give off the most beautiful scent that fills the room. The diffusers are also perfect for adding to rooms to add a subtle but full scent.”

These products will also be joined by a new collection of cheap beauty favourites in the form of Westlab Bath Salts for €2.44, Lacura Miracle Cream for €4.9o, and Silicone Facial Cleanser for €9.82

Picture the scene - you, doing up your house, including some nice fragrant additions, and eventually settling down for a casual evening of pampering with some bath salts and cleansing.

Not a bad shout at all if you're hoping to tighten the purse strings this month.

The new Hotel Collection will be available in Aldi's Special Buys in stores on October 25.