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16th Jul 2018

These are the 6 BIGGEST wedding makeup trends of 2018

Rebecca O'Keeffe

wedding makeup

According to Pinterest.

There’s nothing I love more than Pinterest, honestly.

It provides me with so much inspiration, especially when it comes to all things beauty.

Pinterest is a great way to discover new fabulous trends, and they report on what’s popular too.

Most recently, the gorge humans of Pinterest gave us all an insight into 2018’s most popular wedding makeup trends.

They’re stats have given us a bit of insider information about what people are searching for…

Take a peak!

1: Dewy Highlight

The search for dewy highlight on Pinterest is up 343 percent (major). Everyone wants to glow on their wedding day, right?

wedding makeup

2: Pink Eyeshadow

This is a trend that I can’t get enough of, and its seems as though I’m not alone. A popular trend at Bridal Fashion Week this year, searches for pink eyeshadow are up 45 percent on Pinterest.

wedding makeup

3: Berry Lip

Nude lips are a thing of the past. 2018 brides are going MAD for a berry coloured lipstick. Searches on Pinterest are even up 71 percent!

wedding makeup

4: Cream Blush 

Powder blush is SO last year! The gorgeous humans at Glossier are the reason why searches for cream blush are up a whopping 196 percent. They just give you a gorgeous, dewy finish.

5: Full Lashes 

Honestly, nothing makes me feel better than a set of full, fluffy lashes! That probably explains why search rates are through the roof, up over 150 percent!

Let me know if you have any tips for wedding makeup!