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22nd Oct 2021

The blunt bob is back and celebrities are loving it

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Brb, calling our hairdresser.

The blunt bob is something that will always go in and out of fashion, but for this season, it’s back and celebrities are quickly becoming obsessed with the haircut.

Taking over the Spring Summer 2022 runways, it isn’t only runway models loving this look, Kaia Gerber, Kourtney Kardashian and Billie Eilish are all jumping on this trend and we totally get why.

As one of the most versatile hairstyles of the season, it’s no surprise the world is going crazy for it.

And with Katy Perry now joining the crew, this hairstyle is sure to take over, but while it’s ultra-popular now, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

Timeless, this hairstyle has a history that might surprise you, and according to Scott Cornwall, hair expert at Knight & Wilson salon, they’re older than we think.

He told Glamour: “Blunt Flapper Cuts first emerged 100 years ago and it is only natural the 2020s will reignite interest in bob foundations.”

Believing that this hair trend tends to follow ones that involve a lot of chemicals and bleaches, he added: “Dry, over-lightened, ombre mid-length and ends have been crying out for the chop.”

“Therefore, the blunt bob cut sets hair back to default by chopping away over-processed mid-lengths and ends and leaving behind healthy, strong, swinging hair.”

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Working just as well straight as they do with curls, these bobs are always elegant and are so easy to maintain, and works no matter what your hair type is.

Knowing exactly what products your hair needs, you can adapt them to this hairstyle and be sorted for life, or at least until a new trend rolls around.

Only need a trim every six to eight weeks, this style is particularly good for thin hair as it can give the illusion of more volume.