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23rd Apr 2021

Tess Daly talks ageism and the pressure for women to look young

“I want to celebrate it because some people don’t get to celebrate 52 summers.”

We all fall into the trap. We hear how old a glamorous woman like Tess Daly are and we immediately feel compelled to say, “she looks great for her age”, or to insist that she doesn’t look her age at all.

Although meant as a compliment of course, the notion of looking good ‘in spite of’ your age immediately paints growing older in a negative light. In fact, the topic in general distracts away from the important parts of being a woman, as Tess herself explains:  “It still surprises me when I see a woman defined by her age, and even now when I see a woman written about, her age is mentioned three times in an article. If that were a man, his age would probably not even be mentioned.”


She goes on to say: “I define a woman by the content of her character, by her achievements and by the opportunities she’s created in her life. For example, in the industry I work in, age can be a label. It’s strange because it is never relevant in my own life. My age doesn’t define me as a person or who I am or what I do on a daily basis.”

On the contrary, Tess is delighted to be the age she is, as she explains: “I’m not about to start beating myself up about the number on my birth certificate because I feel fantastic. I want to celebrate it because some people don’t get to celebrate 52 summers.”

Instead of pondering on her age, we want to know what products she’s using to remain so perma-glam, and she’s more than happy to spill the beans. “We should share the love! In lockdown my friends and I would be sharing tips over WhatsApp on how to dye your hair at home, and do your nails. I’m forever exchanging tips with my girlfriends. That is part of the fun of discovering new products – showing them to your friends. I even send recommendations to my sister in New Zealand.”

Speaking about one of her ride-or-die products she says: “A few years ago I was in a constant cycle of having lash extensions, which I would find time-consuming. But then a friend told me about Revitilash, and told me to use it religiously for six weeks. Honestly, I’ve never look back. It’s one of those can’t-live-without products that actually does what it says on the tin.”

We’re big fans too.

When it comes to treatments, Tess waxes lyrical about celebrity favourite Ultherapy, which lifts and sculpts the skin using ultrasound therapy to stimulate collagen and elastin growth : “Within a few months I was getting compliments from friends – this was back when we saw friends before lockdown! But what I love most is that you just look well rested and like yourself but on a really good day.”

We’ll have what she’s having.