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25th Aug 2022

Tested by mums- the peeling foot treatment I won’t forget in a hurry

Melissa Carton

It was an experience I won’t soon forget.

Since the start of January I’ve been setting myself the goal of trying to reach 10,000 steps a day.

Some days I succeed, some days I do not , some days I surprise myself and get double the amount I was aiming for.

On the days when I reach or go over my goal my feet are usually killing me afterwards and as I don’t have a foot spa I have to use other alternatives to soothe my sore toes.

Recently I’ve seen people use pedicure booties so I decided to give them a go and this is how I got on.

I think there’s a couple of different kinds but the booties I used were the Patchology Poshpeel pedicure booties.

The pack comes with a pair of booties that sort of look like plastic socks and a packet of liquid that you pour into the booties to help soothe your feet.

I’d recommend maybe doing a patch test with the solution before using all over your feet just incase the ingredients that suit your skin.

After you have put the solution in pop them on your feet and then secure them with the sticky tab attached to the top of them.

Make sure to do it at a time when you don’t have to get up and about. I put mine on a bit too early in the day and nearly went flying when I had to run and open the door for the postman.

The suggested time to leave them on for is an hour so I did and I could really feel them working while I had them on.

They felt very cool and refreshing on my raw feet and after I took them off the skin on my feet looked and felt a lot softer.

I thought that was me done and then the following day I took my socks off and an entire layer of skin came off with them!

Pretty shocking to say the least, and not what I was expecting although I was informed by others that, yes, they will make a good chunk of skin fall off.

It was definitely an interesting experience but losing the skin really grossed me out so I don’t know if I’ll be doing it again anytime soon.

If you don’t get icked out easily though and you’re looking for noticeable softer feet then this might be the treatment for you.