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21st Jun 2017

This is the most popular Jo Malone scent of all time

You'll definitely recognise it.

Fragrance house, Jo Malone London has gained a cult following over time and people have been known to argue about the ‘best’ scent from the rather large range.

From the signature bottles to the familiar packaging, we’re pretty obsessed with the perfumes and have been known to collect more than one scent (mamas deserve a treat every now and then too).

With all this back and forth and deliberation about the most popular one, we had to find out and got in touch with Jo Malone HQ to see exactly which perfume tops the polls.

There was no hesitation in the reply either and you might be interested to know that the Lime, Basil & Mandarin collection is the most popular collection to date, by a long shot.

There’s no denying that it’s an oldie but a goodie and one you can wear all day, every day from spring through to winter.

However, when winter rolls around, Pomegranate Noir is a major favourite among fans while the Pomegranate Noir Candle is the number one selling candle all year around.

Would you agree with these findings or do you have another favourite?