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02nd Aug 2023

Dad asks if it’s normal to cook different dinners for each of your kids

A dad has questioned his wife’s antics after discovering she was feeding their children different meals at dinner time.

Questioning if it was normal behaviour, the dad wondered if any other parents cater for their children at dinner time.

We all know how fussy children can be, but we also all know how busy parents are and more often than not, we don’t have time to make separate meals based on their preferences.

The dad took to Reddit to explain how his wife “insists” on catering to whatever their children feel like for dinner, whereas he grew up eating whatever his mum made him.

Reacting to the comments he made, one parent wrote: “I just cook things I know they’ll both eat and sometimes include things as a side that they may not eat but I’d like them to try or be exposed to.

“I would alter things sometimes (for example kid A hates peas/kid B hates pasta with sauce) so make the same meal but take out peas or take out plain pasta before adding the sauce. They could both have the same meal.”

Another wrote: “Catering to their individual orders is going to set them up to expect this at other people’s houses, which (at least in my childhood) was a problem.”

A third wrote: “I used to cook like this for my family. My brother was a vegetarian, my husband didn’t like veggies mixed in only on the side. So I would make pasta, broccoli, chicken, Alfredo sauce all separate. Each person mixed it up the way they wanted. But you would never catch me taking orders. They better learn to cook quick.”

While a fourth added: “I grew up like you, and I have read many studies that say the best way to overcome fussiness is to serve the meal, with a safe food on the plate and say ‘this is what’s for dinner, you don’t have to eat it’ and not much more, so that is what I’ve done for 5 years.”