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Family dynamics

25th Jun 2022

Musings: If your text messages look like this then you have found ‘The One’

Melissa Carton

Ah, true love.

There are so many articles out there telling you how you can figure out if your partner is ‘The One’ when actually it’s not all that complicated.

There is one really straightforward way to know if they’re a keeper or if you should duck and run, and it all lies within your text messages.

Yes, apparently if your text messages look like this then congratulations because you have found an everlasting love.

Yes, that’s right, the one sign that you’ve found the real thing is if your conversations revolve entirely around food.

These are text messages that have been sent in the last week between myself and my husband so apparently, we’re bound for life.

A lot of experts agree that this kind of familiarity with your other half is a good sign of a healthy relationship.

I did a bit of research on this and asked everyone I knew in long-term relationships to check their text messages and see what they text to their partner the most about.

Low and behold it was about food.

Who was going to do the shopping, what they were going to have for dinner later, were they out of cheese, all food all the time.

It may not be romantic but I personally think having a well-stocked fridge and a dinner plan beats flowers and poetry hands down.

You’re checking your text messages right now, aren’t you?