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02nd Nov 2023

Dad goes viral for sweet video listing ways he helps wife with parenting while he’s out of town

Sophie Collins


A dad has gone viral on TikTok after making a short video listing the ways he helps his partner with the kids while he is out of town for work.

If solo-parenting is something you take on regularly, then you’ll know that even the smallest bit of help from your partner goes a long way.

Whether it’s simple things around the house or bigger jobs that need doing, just one task shared can make all the difference.

One busy working dad made a video before heading out of town for six days, listing all the ways he has tried to make his wife’s time alone with the kids easier.

“Reducing mental load for your partner is not just about when you’re in the house, it’s also when you’re out of it,” Michael Vaughn began his video.

“I’m about to leave for a conference for six days, and that means my partner’s getting 100 percent of the child responsibilities and the household responsibilities. She says she doesn’t mind, but I know it’s a lot.”

Listing the wonderfully long list of things he took care of, Michael said: “I vacuumed the house so she can start with clean floors. Washed and folded all the laundry so she can start with no clothes.


“That did not come out the way I intended. After I put our oldest to bed I’m gonna do the dishes so she can have clean dishes. Since I usually pack our toddler’s lunch I pre-packed parts of it so it’s just grab-and-go in the morning.

“And since she’s gonna have to wrangle both kids in the morning I put together 5 outfits for our toddler.”

He continued: “For partners who don’t usually put together outfits for their kids, it’s not that simple. It’s not just about what matches or looks nice together.

“I looked at the weather report to base out these outfits, Wednesday is a light shirt and pants because it’s gonna be warm and it’s not gonna rain so they’ll be out in the playground.

“Friday will be cold so heavier pants, long sleeve T-shirt, and a sweatshirt.”

Before signing off his video, he then said to give her a break on his return, “I booked a hotel room for her so she can have some time to herself after I get back.”


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