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20th May 2020

3 delicious and easy pasta bake recipes for those days when you can’t even

Trine Jensen-Burke

pasta bake recipes

A total crowd pleaser.

Surely I am not alone in finding the weekday afternoon dinner rush a total headache?

I mean; we all want to serve up something that is healthy(ish), but it also needs to be relatively fast – and be a hit with everyone from picky toddlers to starving teens.

The answer? Pasta bake.

Seriously, trust me – everyone loves a rich, comforting pasta bake, and these recipes are easy enough to make for a midweek dinner. Even better? The leftovers will taste even more amazing the following day:

1. Cheesy Butternut Squash Pasta Bake

Because let’s face it, kids will eat anything – even butternut squash – if you just put melted cheese on it.

For full recipe and instructions, head over to A Pretty Life

pasta bake recipes

2. Lemon Butter Salmon Pasta Bake

Salmon is chock-a-block with good-for-us-fats, and when it comes fish, this mild-flavoured one is often a favourite among kids. Try it in this pasta bake dish, and you’ll literally surprise yourself with just how tasty this is.

For full recipe and instructions, head over to Spend With Pennies

pasta bake recipes

3. Fiesta Chicken Pasta Bake

Creamy, spicy and cheesy, you can pretty much guarantee the entire family will love this Mexican-inspired pasta dish.

For full recipe and instructions, head over to The Girl Who Ate Everything

pasta bake recipes