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07th Oct 2019

You can now buy adorable mini pumpkins in Tesco for one euro a go

Jade Hayden


It’s October, which means it’s basically Halloween, which means that you better be adding pumpkin (and yes, pumpkin spice) to every single thing in your life.

Coffee? Put some pumpkin in it.

Porridge? Put some pumpkin in it.

Moved into a new gaff? Put some pumpkin in it, it’s autumn, don’t ruin everybody’s fun.

And while each and everyone of us is sure to love a standard sized pumpkin in our lives, some times bigger does not automatically equal better.

Sometimes, mini is actually best. And in this case, it definitely is, because mini pumpkin are adorable, and we want to purchase them all, tbh.

Tesco are now selling the miniature, cute, adorable pumpkins in stores nationwide for just €1 a pop – and although you won’t actually be able to cook with them, you will be able to decorate the gaff with them and honestly, that’s good enough for us.

The limited mini pumpkin and gourd range come from local grower Denise Buckley on Lispopple Farm, in Swords, Dublin.

Uses an assortment of seeds sourced from US farms, Denise creates a unique and unusual varieties of pumpkin in ambers, reds, burnt orange, creams, and greens.

And lots of other colours too. Spoilt for choice, really.

The pumpkins retail at just €1 each too, so if you were looking to create a gourd-eous home this Halloween, you’re in luck.

Get gourding.