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01st Apr 2020

Easter celebrations at home with your family! How to cook the PERFECT beef roast

Don’t worry if whipping up a seasonal spread isn't your forte


Brought to you by Lidl

This Easter will be a little different for most families.

Sure, we’ll still put up pastel decorations (great activity for the kids between then and now) and – of course – the Bunny very much plans on visiting. But certainly just about all of us will also be adapting and adjusting.

Still, there’s no reason why we can’t get together with our immediate loved-ones (from our household!) and mark the occasion.

And we reckon that a pretty gorgeous way to celebrate is with a perfect beef roast.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel that whipping up a seasonal spread is your forte – once you focus on high-quality, Irish produce you can absolutely get a feast in order that will probably have you vowing you’ll never eat out again (well, almost!).

Right now, Lidl is our go-to choice for Irish mums: lots of variety and plenty of options to impress the whole fam. Yup… there’s no finer way to celebrate Easter and at Lidl you’ll find everything you need to create the perfect roast dinner spread that will keep everyone happy. Sorted!

Make the beef your ultimate centre-piece and make sure that this Easter the celebrations are absolutely still in full-swing (social isolation or not).

Here are our instructions… and watch the video at the end too for tips and tricks to perfect your Easter lunch skills.

Beef Roast Recipe

1. Preheat oven to 180°C / Fan 160°C / Gas Mark 4.
2. Brush joint with vegetable oil and sear on all sides in a dry, deep pan over a high temperature until golden brown in colour.
3. Place joint in a roasting tray and season with salt and pepper.
4. Cook in the centre of the oven for the following times depending on preference:

  • Rare: 30 minutes per 500g
  • Medium: 35 minutes per 500g
  • Well done: 40 minutes per 500g

5. Allow joint to stand for 15 minutes, then remove string before carving.
6. Ensure food is piping hot and cooked throughout before serving.

Brought to you by Lidl