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28th Jun 2020

Fast food: 3 delicious 10-minute pasta recipes for when you are too lazy to cook

Ain't nobody got time to cook in the summer

Trine Jensen-Burke

10-minute pasta recipes

When it comes to quick and filling dinners, nothing will ever really beat pasta.

It is everyone’s favourite go-to meal, and one you can mix up and vary in so many ways there is no fear of us getting tired of it anytime soon.

The thing is, in the summer,  nobody really feels like slaving away in the kitchen – but fear not; with these dishes, there is no need to.

Here are three really quick, yet totally delicious pasta dishes that all pack a flavour punch – and the best of all? They are ready before you know it too:

1. Lemon Garlic Pasta With Salmon

Light, quick and full-of-good-for-you fats thanks to the salmon. Just top with some grated parmesan and pour yourself a large glass of white wine.

(For the full recipe, head over to The Cooking Jar)

2. 10-Minute Mediterranean Pasta

Just unscrew a couple of jars and boil your pasta, and you are (pretty much) good to go.

(For the full recipe, head over to Girl Gone Gourmet)

3. Aglio e Olio With Fried Egg

If you have yet to make spagetti aglio olio, you have been missing out. And this version, with an egg on top, is not only extra filling thanks to the added protein, but also extra delicious too.

(For the full recipe, head over to Spoon University)