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30th Aug 2018

Four free-from meals and snacks that your little one will love (and you will too)


Brought to you by SuperValu. 

Summer is finally over and the kids are heading back to school.

You might have indulged the little ones with an ice-cream here or there while the temperature was up. Or maybe you kept them on the straight and narrow with food even over the summer months.

Either way, now it’s back to the school lunches, rushed breakfasts, and quick snacks before football or swim practice.

We know it can be hard to fit in a healthy diet with a hectic family schedule, and even harder if you have a picky eater or a food allergy on your hands.

Nowadays, though, there are so many affordable and healthy free-from options out there that make your job so much easier.

Here are four of the best free-from snacks that your family will absolutely love.

1. Deliciously Ella cereal

This is a great one to get the day started.

The Bircher Muesli is made with finely milled oats so there’s no need to soak it overnight.

Just add milk, wait one minute, and you’ve got yourself a lovely, healthy breakfast.

If you and your kids prefer more of a crunch for breakfast, Ella’s granola is the way to go. You can opt for either original granola or nutty granola.

All her cereals have only natural ingredients and they are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars. They are also vegan-friendly if you’re all about that cruelty-free life.

Ella’s cereal bars also make for great lunchbox fillers. Her products are available exclusively at SuperValu and they’re a treat.

2. MadeGood cereal bars

These cereal bars are a great switch from a chocolate bar or sugary bun.

The bars are made from dried fruit and grains and have bits of hidden vegetables that add up to an entire serving of vegetables.

Your little one will get their full portion of veg at school and they won’t even know it. Perfect for those little boys or girls with an aversion to all things green.

The bars are completely organic, vegan, gluten-free, and free from the most common allergens. So they’re school safe and perfect for that snack or lunch time munching.

3. Rhythm 108 biscuits

This brand is just the best. They’re all about creating natural and delicious foods that are great for you and great for the earth.

Their tea biscuits are the perfect little snack to throw in your bag and have on the go. Kids can nibble away on these as an alternative to a regular biscuit or snack.

The biscuits are made with whole grain oats and are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and vegan. Plus kids will love the double-chocolate hazelnut flavour. An all-round great snack.

4. Paul’s Quinoa

Dinner time. It can be a nightmare.

Trying to find tastes that suit everyone, particularly those following a gluten-free diet, is sometimes a near-impossible task.

Paul’s Quinoa Meals work as a healthy option with a range of flavours to keep everyone happy. Curry, tajine, and Mexican style are among the flavours Paul’s offers with their quinoa.

Quinoa is a healthy alternative that will still give your meals the hearty and filling feeling that you would find in a pasta or rice dish.

All of Paul’s ingredients are organic, gluten-free, and veggie.

They are also firm believers in Fair Trade. It is their aim to re-invest a percentage of their turnover in the co-ops to help them improve their business and quality of life.

The Quinoa Meals already have flavours and extra ingredients added to them, but feel free to get experimental and add your own stuff. Quinoa works just like rice, is just as versatile, and much healthier. So go wild.

There you go. Four easy and healthy ways you can improve your family’s intake during the school months. And they’re all perfect if your little one has a gluten intolerance. All of these free-from products (plus more to work your way through) can be found in the Health and Wellness aisle of your local SuperValu.

Just throw them in the trolley during your next shop and get tasting.

Brought to you by SuperValu.

Visit SuperValu for more information. According to research, only 24% of people under 65 are eating at dedicated mealtimes. But that’s okay; that’s life. SuperValu boasts over 1000 products in their Health and Wellness section. With all these healthy, free-from snacks, you can make sure your family gets the right types of food no matter when they’re eating.