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10th Apr 2020

Gordon’s Gin is now introducing a limited-edition Mediterranean Orange flavour

Cathy Donohue

Gordon’s Gin has announced a new Mediterranean Orange flavour.

Only a couple of months ago, they shared plans for two new flavours, peach and lemon, and now there’s another addition.

Introducing Mediterranean Orange.

It arrives next month and it sounds like the perfect tipple for the warmer months, because summer is coming and it’s time to look forward.

Now, more importantly, what does it taste like?

Well, this new launch boasts a zesty orange flavour offset by juniper berries and of course, Gordon’s popular dry gin formula.

To serve, you’ll need tonic water, ice, a slice of orange and a sprig of rosemary – it sounds seriously refreshing and ideal for summer evenings in your back garden.


It’s set to arrive at the end of May, close to the 24-26 apparently, and will be priced around the €18 mark.

As it’s limited-edition, this particular gin is like to sell out in record time so if you do want in, you’ll have to act fast.

Speaking about the release of the 2020 gins previously,Jessica Lace, Head of Gordon’s Gin, said:

“Consumers are looking to experiment with their drinks choices, and we know from the success of Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin, that there’s an ever increasing appetite for different styles of gin”.

If it’s anything like the popularity of pink gin, you’re sure to see plenty of this new beverage on your Instagram feed but then again, the flavour won’t be for everyone.