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24th May 2016

Do You Keep Your Milk In The Fridge Door? You Shouldn’t!


Food safety and storage was something I was taught in school. We were told things like it’s vital to keep raw and cooked meats away from each other and it’s important to clear out the fridge of spoiled food or items past their ‘Use By’ date.

But something I didn’t know was that you shouldn’t keep your milk in the fridge door.

To me, this seems like a natural place for the milk – it slots in so nicely and it keeps it upright. But alas, this could be the reason that occasionally I find that a container of milk has gone off a few days before it really should.


According to website Click2Houston, the door is the warmest part of a fridge therefore it’s no place for milk.

It seems that the door is the perfect place for condiments (and chocolate) while milk should be kept near the bottom and to the back of the fridge, because the lower you go the colder it is.

Click2Houston also recommends keeping raw meat near the bottom and to the back, leaving the middle shelves for things like yoghurts and the top shelf for foods that only need to be heated (not cooked) as well as fruit juices.

Keeping fruit and vegetables in separate drawers is also another tip. Here are some other guidelines for good fridge maintenance and food storage, courtesy of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland:

  • The temperature should be between 0°C and 5°C degrees (ideally 4°C).
  • Follow the storage instructions on food labels.
  • Only keep leftovers for 2 or 3 days.
  • Clear out your fridge regularly, getting rid of foods past their ‘Use By’ dates.
  • Use a mild cleaning agent to wash your fridge.


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