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03rd Jul 2018

Lindt is now selling a chocolate SPREAD and I’ve just reached peak happiness

I'm deceased.

Denise Curtin

Is this real life?

Because I think Nutella is going to be fuming.

Lindt chocolate who are well-known for their delicious creamy and overly luxurious bars has now just dropped a new product that I’m pretty sure you’ll be weak for.

I am talking about a chocolate spread that would be the perfect accompaniment with strawberries and prosecco for a picnic with some CLASS. Sure, there’s no other way to do it!

Spotted on Instagram by the page @productsinstore, the product was spotted in the Lindt store in Liverpool.

And while the product has been available in Italy and Switzerland for awhile now, this is the first time it has landed in the UK and now we NEED it to come here too like… ASAP.

The product which has already sold out online can be purchased on Amazon and eBay however prepare to pay a pretty penny. Hopefully it will return to the Lindt store online soon at £5.99 (€6.78).

You can keep an eye out here.